The mission of The City School, located in Dorchester, is to develop and strengthen the power of youth to work toward building a just society. They do this through creative education and critical thinking, leadership development, action and service, and promoting understanding and relationships across difference.

The City School (TCS) was founded in 1995 by a visionary high school teacher who was asked by a student, “Why don’t we learn about homelessness? What can I do?” The City School was born from a young person’s interest in learning about communities different from her own and a passion for social justice. The City School’s vision is to bring youth from different race, neighborhood, economic and cultural backgrounds together to create a learning community where they develop the knowledge, insight and skills to become leaders for social justice.

Now reaching over 1,000 young people annually, TCS’s teens reflect the rich diversity of Boston’s neighborhoods. While the majority of the students are from low-income, minority and immigrant communities as well as from the city’s burgeoning middle-class families of color, they also serve a small cadre of suburban teens. Regardless of their background, the teens who walk through their doors seek to understand, navigate and work to change the disparities and injustices they see in the world around them. The City School remains one of only a few organizations in Boston dedicated to bringing young people together across difference to explore issues of racism, classism, sexism and heterosexism.

SCA funding will support The City School’s “Pathways to Change” academic program, which provides social justice education and leadership development programming.