Meet SCA co-president, Scott Hultman!

Meet Scott Hultman, co-president of SCA and co-chair of SnowBall 2013!

How did you get started with SnowBall?

I got involved with the SnowBall in 2008 through one of SCA’s founders and have been on the leadership team ever since.

What is your position with the SnowBall Team, what does it involve?

I am co-chair of SnowBall 2013 and co-president of SCA. My position involves overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization and making sure SnowBall planning goes as smoothly as possible. And of course, ensuring that the SnowBall raises as much funding as possible for the organizations we support.

What is your favorite part of SnowBall?

My favorite part of the SnowBall is the camaraderie that it builds – even if you don’t know anyone at the SnowBall, you all have a common connection and it’s easy to make friends. So many relationships – both platonic and romantic – have started at the SnowBall. It’s great to have an impact on the lives of our volunteers and guests in addition to the organizations we support.

What is your favorite SnowBall memory?

My favorite SnowBall memory is walking into my first SnowBall and seeing almost 1,000 people there having a good time and knowing that I was part of it.

Why do you think people should attend SnowBall 2013?

People should attend the SnowBall because a) it’s a great excuse to break out your fanciest clothes and b) you get to have a great time with awesome people while supporting charity at the same time. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Thanks Scott! Remember, tickets for SnowBall 2013 are on sale NOW! So head on over to our ticketing page to get yours today. And if you’d like to help and be a SnowBall 2013 volunteer, let us know!