Meet Rae Sanders!

Lets get to know your SnowBall 2013 leadership team. First up – Rae Sanders!


How did you get started with SnowBall?

I work with Katy Spriano and she reeled me in. It sounded like a fun night and definitely a great cause, so I volunteered to help with the Silent Auction and now I’m back again this year!!

How long have you been on the SnowBall Team?

This will be my second year

What is your position with the SnowBall Team, what does it involve?

Silent Auction Coordinator – My team and I reach out to local organizations for donations. We bring in anywhere from 50-100 donations that we combine to create experiences for attendees to bid on.   (want to donate to the Silent Auction, contact us!)

What is your favorite part of SnowBall?

Silent Auction, obviously! Apart from that, all the great people you meet!

What is your favorite SnowBall memory?

The Kahootz! I had a great time on the dance floor last time!

Why do you think people should attend SnowBall 2013?

This is the best way to get all gussied up and spend a night out on the town. All the proceeds are going to charity, so you’d actually be giving back by going out, getting a nice dress, your hair and nails did and having a great time!


Thanks Rae! If you would like to work with Rae on SnowBall 2013, become a volunteer! Come to our first Volunteer Meeting, this thursday!