Top 5 Reasons to Go to SnowBall 2013

5) Our ticket prices won’t break the bank
SnowBall is one of the few winter galas in Boston that allows you to buy tickets and still have money leftover to buy some electronic gift for your parents that they will never use.

4) Ladies, admit it, you still try on your prom dress
Sometimes it’s really nice to actually put effort into your appearance. Ladies, buy the sparkliest dress you can find. And who doesn’t love a guy in a tux?

3) Sometimes you just need to dance
Skip the clubs where you have a higher chance of having a drink spilled on you then having a good time.  Our dance floor stays hopping from Kahootz’s first note to their finale.

2) You need a new Facebook profile photo
There will be tons of photo ops to allow you to show that your life is way better then your friends.  You’re dressed up and being charitable? That will earn you some likes.

1) You want to earn some Karma points
The best and most important part of SnowBall – All the proceeds raised through SnowBall 2013 will be dispersed to Boston-area youth organizations that are in need of funds.  We will inform all our guests throughout the year where funds are going and encourage you to get involved with the organizations we donate to.